A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Bridge of Hope Centre County

CONGRATULATIONS to one of our Bridge of Hope moms who recently graduated from our program. We are so proud of you!

WELCOME to our newest Bridge of Hope mom who was matched with her mentoring group from New Hope Fellowship in August. This family has found housing with our help and financial support and we are looking forward to their journey toward stability and financial security.

GIVE THANKS that one of our moms was able to find a new daytime job that allows her to be home with her kids in the evenings!

PRAY WITH US as we continue to support all of our families and single moms who are working full-time, raising children, and focusing on their personal growth and well-being.


Together we are working to end and prevent homelessness for single moms and their children in Centre County.


Office Phone – 814-237-HOPE (4673)