Our Staff

Tirzah Gibboney

Director & Neighborhood Resource Specialist tirzah.boh@gmail.com

Tirzah was thrilled to join the staff in May 2017 after being involved with Bridge of Hope Centre County as a member of a neighboring volunteer group. She has a passion for empowering women, and her goal is to inspire others to have hope in their daily lives so that they can discover the possibility of an adventurous, purposeful and effective life. She is currently adventuring in Bellefonte with her husband and daughter and is a member of Faith United Methodist Church.

Cortney Fouse

Neighborhood Resource Specialist cortney.bohcc@gmail.com

At Bridge of Hope, working with a group of believers called by God’s command to “love thy neighbor as thyself” has been an answer to prayer.

Following her undergraduate studies, Cortney obtained a Mortuary Science degree in Funeral Directing/ Embalming. She used her education in the state of Ohio for a number of years, before returning to her family roots in Central Pennsylvania. Not sure of what the future would hold, she unforeseenly accepted a Crisis Counselor position at a local psychiatric hospital.The opportunity opened the door to an interest and passion for mental health. Her work experiences have included Individual and Family Crisis, Family Reunification and Child Protective Services.

With the desire to help others, Cortney openly shares her experience through a 20 year journey with depression and anxiety. Her prayer is that with education and awareness, mental health disorders will be less feared and more understood. Cortney takes great pride in the emotional support of her Pug, Ody. He entered her life at a very dark time and has been by her side through a transformation to health. She is a true  believer in the healing power animals have on every aspect of our well-being. Cortney shares this as her testimony to God’s love and power.

In addition to Ody and a support system of family and friends, Cortney’s 2 young nieces, Jolene and Winifred, make her world a beautiful place. Cortney is a member of the State College Alliance Church.

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