Our Staff

Tirzah Gibboney

Director & Neighborhood Resource Specialist tirzah.boh@gmail.com

Tirzah was thrilled to join the staff in May 2017 after being involved with Bridge of Hope Centre County as a member of a neighboring volunteer group. She has a passion for empowering women, and her goal is to inspire others to have hope in their daily lives so that they can discover the possibility of an adventurous, purposeful and effective life. She is currently adventuring in Bellefonte with her husband and daughter and is a member of Faith United Methodist Church.

Kendra Gettig

Neighborhood Resource Specialist (Case Manager) kendra@calvarysc.org

Kendra Gettig was raised in Centre County and never left! In addition to her case manager role at Bridge of Hope, Kendra serves at the Local Impact Director at Calvary Church. In that role, she strives to meet tangible needs in the community through connecting the church with those needs. Homelessness and housing insecurity are areas of passion for Kendra and she’s spent a lot of time serving our community members experiencing those things. In Kendra’s free time, she enjoys spending time with people, gardening, board games, and creating new dishes in the kitchen! Kendra is thrilled to join Tirzah and the Bridge of Hope Centre County team!