Who can participate?

You!! This unique event is appropriate for all ages and backgrounds. Night In A Car is a family friendly event. Participate in a group or individually. Previous participants have included: brave individuals, married couples, colleagues and friends, families with small children, and many more!


How can I promote Night In A Car?

You should be proud of your commitment to spend a night in your car to benefit our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Please share your story with friends, family, and colleagues! Remember, social media is your friend! Click here for even more ideas.


How can I fundraise?

Share on social media, email your contacts, and write personal handwritten letters! We are here to help support you! Click here for promotional materials. Don’t forget: Check to see if your employer matches donations. It’s a great way to double your impact.


What if I can’t raise $1,000? Can I still participate?

Yes!! Remember, $1,000 is an encouraged goal, but not a requirement. You are raising donations and awareness about people in our community experiencing homelessness.


What if I can’t attend until later in the evening?

Please still attend the event! There will be staff and volunteers awake throughout the entire duration of the event.


How can I sponsor the event?

You won’t want to miss this opportunity! You will receive unique benefits and promotions for a business or organization partnership. Contact our Director, Tirzah, at tirzah.boh@gmail.com or at 814-237-4673 to talk about becoming a sponsor.


What happens to my donation?

Your donation directly supports the people we serve at Bridge of Hope Centre County by providing funds for rental assistance, case management and neighborly support. Bridge of Hope Centre County engages Christian faith communities in ending family homelessness through neighboring relationships that demonstrate Christ’s love.


Who do I contact for more information?

Tirzah Gibboney, Director at Bridge of Hope Centre County